Advanced Seduction Tactics – What the Master Seducer Knows About Women That Other Men Don’t

Most women feel that they are limited to what they are in life. They have a dull routine both at work and at home. They go to work at a job which they don’t like, and to go home only to sleep and watch television. To compound to this, the society expects women not to be overtly sexual.As a result, women tend to have the desire to be more than what they are in society. They want an escape from their boring procedures and routines. That is why most women are excited by transgression and wild pleasures, and are attracted to things that are deemed to be forbidden by the society.When we were young, we often fantasized about an adventurous life. Especially for women, they desire to be rebellious and wildly irrational, in contrast with their usual boring routine. Their hunger for adventure and sexual pleasure is what makes them vulnerable to the Master Seducer.The Master Seducer covertly plays to this fantasy of the common woman by creating an illusion of adventure which is in contrast with the boring world of predictability and responsibility. He knows that women cannot get enough of sexual fantasy and roleplay. He therefore promises her a world of pleasure by painting a picture of a sexual escapade in her mind.If you want to seduce a woman, come across as a man who is uninhibited, ambitious and adventurous. Talk about travel often. When you talk to her, ‘transport’ her away to a fantasy world where there are no rules, and where nothing is forbidden.Conversely, never talk about reality, work or mundane chores. Make her lose herself in a minute, and leave her usual self behind. If you can do this successfully, she will follow you where you want her to go to.This is the secret about women that only the best seducers know, and 99.9% of men out there don’t. Using a technique called “fractionation”, regular guys have been able to make any woman fall in love with them super quickly – often in the span of 15 minutes or even less. This technique entails the use of conversational tricks to make a woman feel emotionally “invested” in a man – and hence make her feel deeply for him.

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